Dallas, TX

Our team was brought on board by the foodservice operator to envision a complete renovation for Alcon’s cafeteria. In addition to modernizing the appearance and creating a variety of seating options, a goal the client desired was increasing efficiency, especially for consumers on the go.


In the dining room, we removed rows of traditional tables and replaced it with a combination of lounge, dining, collaboration, banquette, booth and media tables. Collaboration, quiet and social zones were created by grouping similar seating styles together and using different flooring materials in some areas.


The need to address grab & go efficiency, lead to the expansion of a micromarket. This allowed us to create better traffic flow around the micromarket, expand the offering and improve the location as it is separate from the rest of the cafe. In addition, incorporating self-pay technology reduces congestion and the need for extra staff. The design of this micromarket solved many client concerns.


Lastly, the clean neutral and textures of the finishes incorporated provide a high end appeal to Alcon’s space. By requesting visualization solutions, the entire experience is created for the foodservice operator and end client allowing them to gain a much clearer understanding of both the “qualitative and quantitative nature” of the space.

Project Solutions Provided

Conceptual Designs, 3D Renderings, Design Package Presentation

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Alcon Micromarket
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Alcon Dining Room
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Project Solutions

Cafe, Micromarket, Dining Room, Business & Industry