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Confidential Tech Company

Manhattan, NY

When this international technology company in Manhattan's Meat Packing District wanted to expand its office footprint and a food hall, elite|studio e was hired for a multitude of reasons including our vast experience in bringing this concept to the business & industry sector. On boarded as the foodservice consultant, our team collaborated with the company and its foodservice team to create a unique, free employee dining experience.

Although the finishes are similar throughout this food hall, several stations have design features inspired by other food experience trends. For example, the standalone tables are influenced by a farmer’s market and, upon opening, will be filled with a salad bar offering, fresh vegetables and more. The Middle Eastern station has pop-up windows like a food truck windows and, alongside the frozen yogurt machine, there is a sliding window on the for setting out self-serve tahini shakes.  

Another design feature common to food halls is the dining experience. Seating is located in the dining room and adjacent to the stalls so the culinary art and aroma of food can be enjoyed. 

This project required a tremendous amount of collaboration and communication between several companies. This project, which was slated to open in 2020, was put on hold by the pandemic and completed in Spring 2021. Our team was on-site for this food hall’s grand opening in November 2021.

Project Solutions Provided

Conceptual Design, Foodservice Design, Budget Management, Construction Drawings

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Project Solutions

Business & Industry, Dining Room, Kitchen, Food Hall, Tech Company

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