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Confidential Technology Firm Pods

Washington, D.C.

Following the pandemic, this confidential technology company elected to lease temporary space for its employees to return to the office. elite|studio e was onboarded to provide semi-permanent foodservice kiosks at several locations on the East Coast. 

Designed with flexibility in mind, the kiosks in Washington, D.C. include a variety of equipment allowing the operator to create a diverse menu and change it as desired. In addition, the finishes, which were selected by the architect, are budget friendly. Each kiosk was powder coated in bright colors and the countertops are 

made of quartz.

Each kiosk consists of prefabricated counters with electrical and plumbing built into the counters at the factory. It allows for a single point of connection at each kiosk in the field for electrical and water. Since counters are fully prefabricated, careful coordination and consideration must be taken to ensure the counters can be delivered in one piece and also removed/transported in one piece through future freight elevators and doorways. 

While there is a higher initial investment in this design, it is balanced by the minimization of future investments as the kiosks can disassembled, and reassembled in a future temporary lease space. 

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