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Delta Airlines HQ

Atlanta, GA

Delta Airlines recently reimagined its brand to be more modern, fresh and welcoming. To create a new identity for its staff, Delta and the foodservice management company collaborated with elite|studio e to redesign their over 4,000-person staffed headquarters so the building exudes the same feeling.

However, we wanted the Delta Woolman Café to allow for different experiences because on any given day the entire staff will not be in the mood for the same food or atmosphere. As a result, when you walk into the space, there are four different areas an employee can choose from — the juice bar, Starbucks, micromarket and a traditional café. 

Delta’s timeline was a strict and tight one, providing us with a challenge that we did not hesitate to take on. Delta required their Grand Opening to take place on May 15, 2017, leaving us with 3 months to go from concept to completion. Ameneties that were completed with Delta’s $4 million budget included a full café, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, juice bar, lobby area, and industrial-style staircase. 

Some highlights of the renovation are the improvement to the flow. When elite|studio e renovates a space, we will study  and evaluate traffic flow in areas of concern. At Delta HQ, there were tremendous lines at the cashier backing up across the entire café and causing a gridlock situation throughout the space. Our team redesigned that area to make it more functional and on opening day it proved to be effective.

The new dining experience also provided additional menu items. For example, the traditional salad bar was transitioned to a hot and cold market bar, which increased sales by 43% on opening day and steadily by 30% afterwards. Another addition to the space is Chick-fil-A. Previously, the desired item was picked up a local chain and warmed up in the cafe. The elite|studio e team worked hand in hand with Chick-fil-A’s construction team as the project progressed to ensure that deliveries, schedules and other project details were coordinated.

Today, Delta employees have a beautiful space to enjoy when they want to refresh or meet in a non-office setting.

Step into this space with a 360º tour.

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