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Financial Company

Manhattan, NY

Through collaboration and extensive coordination between elite|studio e, the architect, and the operator, a state-of-the-art corporate dining experience was created in this financial headquarters located in the heart of Tribeca. The project included more than 10,000 square feet which was allocated for a food hall, lobby coffee bar/event bar, executive dining room, and a pantry.  

On the 16th floor, Starbucks is positioned in the middle of a multi-story atrium space with incredible views of the World Trade Center Plaza to the south and of midtown Manhattan to the north. The Starbucks bar sits back-to-back with an alcohol bar, and together they act as a central feature within the flexible and multi-functional space. The café offers table service to its guests, and provides the perfect location for impromptu meetings and conferences, large scale events, or simply a place to relax and take a break. 

The bar itself combines Corian and walnut in one smooth gesture, starting with the heavier mass of the Corian and transitioning to reveal more of the warm wood as customers approach the hand off plane and the sit-here bar. The liquor serving bar, on the opposite side, employs similar materials, but in different or opposing ways, to create and yin and yang relationship between the two back-to-back programs. 

Project Solutions Provided

Concept through Construction Documents,
Photorealistic Renderings,
Foodservice FF&E Procurement and Coordination Services, On-site Construction Project Management Team

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Barista Bar, Bar, Business & Industry

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