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We know that what worked for foodservice in the past isn't going to work now. Look at all of the areas of concern our team identified in this floorplan, designed before COVID-19. The good news is our assessments provide compliant solutions.

Covid_Problem_AreasC (1).jpg

Red indicates areas that need to be addressed as soon as possible.                    

         Yellow areas require some caution or adaptation.  

Requested Information

  • Existing Floor Plan (it is okay if it does not have a lot of detail)

  • ​Photos
    • Straight on close up shots

    • Standing back shots to show the entire of the station
      straight on and at an angle

    • Panoramic photos, videos and walkthroughs are extremely helpful

    • When discussing specific elements (like food guard replacement),
      if its possible, please provide measurements of the space. Ultimately
      one of our Project Managers will confirm and field survey. 

Deliverables from Us

  • Floorplan highlighting various levels of concern including
    contamination and transmission

  • ​Narrative explaining our concerns

  • Potential remedies for these areas

  • Budget Pricing ​


  • For the safety of our team and clients, we will send someone to the site based on your discretion. Virtual assessments are available.

  • Project Manager or Project Solutions team member will visit the site to take final measurements and more detailed analysis

  • Confirmation of order with exact pricing to be provided at this time

  • COVID-19 Safety Plan to be coordinated with building policies to ensure
    the safety of elite | studio e personnel
    and contractors as well as building occupants.

  • Work to be carried out according to this merged and agreed to safety plan

Disclaimer: Site visit assessments can be done virtually or in person. 

To schedule a virtual or in person appointment, reach out to your Project Solutions team member or email
the office. To streamline the process, please provide
the information outlined.

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