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We never skipped a beat. As of June 22nd, we have team members
in the office and team members working remotely to meet social
distancing guidelines. In addition, to continuing on existing projects, 
we have the capability to take on new projects. While we understand
you may not be ready to start construction right now, its a great time to design your space.  


• Prioritizing safety and continuous engagement

• Operating with transparency

• Communicating with relevant stakeholders

• Utilizing a combination of tools for collaboration and meetings

• Maximizing the use of government support policies and resources     

• Building resiliency in preparation of the new normal



We're on site again! Our Project Management and Project Solutions teams will be available in accordance with recommendations from the CDC and local jurisdiction. Moving forward, our subcontractors and team members are required to wear masks and gloves, and their temperatures are being taken daily, prior to coming on site. 


• All subcontractors and elite | studio e team members are required to wear masks and gloves

• Before coming to a job site it is mandatory to take temperatures

• If someone is not feeling well, they must stay home

• We will work in accordance with and follow the regulations of the building; local, city and state government; and the CDC

• Tailor procedures to job site as necessary

For additional information or a copy of our detail jobsite readiness plan, please contact Marc Magro.


We're following our state regulations (both New York and Colorado), so we are not back in the office at full capacity, but we want you to know what we've done to keep our team safe.

• Installed additional hand sanitizing stations throughout the office

• Placed way finding around the office to follow 6' social distancing

• Created sanitizing policies for each team members' workspace

• Developed procedures for common areas 

• Established a workplace schedule that allows for appropriate social distancing

• Mandate mask wearing when not social distance (these have been provided to our employees)

• Provide continuous remote flexibility for all team members whether they need to be home or just feel more secure

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