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Staying True to Our Roots

elite | studio e reaches milestone 50 team members

By Ivan J. Weiss, Executive Vice President & COO


Expanding a business is a natural desire for most executives but growing it without compromising the pillars a company was founded on can be challenging. Over the past few years elite | studio e has experienced tremendous growth and I’ve found that it’s important to keep our eye on where we began.

When elite | studio e was founded in 2000, our goal was to fill a need in the foodservice industry. At the time, we provided café refreshes with minimal to no downtime allowing companies to transform overnight. It was innovative. Over the years as varied requests came in from clients or we saw other voids to fill, interested team members could take on this new and exciting project, and often, it would succeed. Our team rarely turns down the opportunity to provide new, innovative solutions and brings individuals with the necessary expertise to our team.
As client demand for new services increased so did the number of players on that team. This is the process we used to build our foodservice design, interior design, construction administration and marketing teams.

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Some would say we increased our team using similar methodologies to a start-up. In the beginning, for all our team members, there was an opportunity to envision something and bring it into the world. Everyone had a sense of ownership on every project that we worked on.

Now, those start-up days are over. After hiring four new team members last month, elite|studio e reached a milestone in our growth. We’re now
50 individuals and we’re not all working in our New York headquarters. In February, we opened our Western Regional Office in Denver, CO; and in 2018, three team e locations were established in key regional areas. It’s exciting and with more team members and more areas of expertise, we have more resources. We can build even more of our ideas and things that our clients request. elite|studio e is still able to maintain our start-up mentality to take on new, exciting requests because we’ve established processes that increase quality and productivity. With additional staff, our roles are more defined and specialized, but we’re able to source employees who have deep experience in exactly the role we need them.

For 20 years now, elite|studio e has been growing, but our commitment to our clients hasn’t changed. The only difference is there are now 50 people creating, collaborating, innovating, designing, developing and delivering foodservice project solutions to you.

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