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Storytelling with New Media

We provide architectural visualizations to bring conceptual designs to life. Using various technologies and software,elite | studio e enables you to step into a food hall, dining room or standalone concept; see it from any angle; and express the project story.

3D Renderings

Discover Virtual Reality 


Immersive VR Walkthrough

Experience your conceptual design with the newest technology. Using VR goggles or a computer, control your movement through the space as a customer would experience it. This allows you to virtually walk through a coffee bar, food hall, or other space.

Interactive VR

A photorealistic rendered video walkthrough can be created, from a first-person perspective. Using VR goggles or a computer, it serves as a true journey through the proposed dining space. This visualization technology features each foodservice offering in high detail and can include voiceover narration, music, sound effects, floorplans and callouts.

Stationary VR

From a single view, a photorealistic rendering is converted to a panoramic experience. Using VR goggles or a computer, it provides a 360-degree view of the conceptual design.

3D Photorealistic Renderings

Architectural renderings help explain the vision for your foodservice design. It is often much easier to understand something from an architectural rendering than from words or plans and elevation.

Video Package

Using architectural renderings, narration, interviews, and supporting imagery and videos, video walkthroughs tell the story behind a conceptual design.

360° Tours

Upon the completion of a foodservice touchpoint, explore the space using a computer or VR googles. Information points, static photos, floorplans and other details, help explore a finished project without travelling. 

Humana Servery View 2 no branding.jpg
Immersive VR Walkthrough
lotsa pizza.PNG
Virtual reality rendering of a corporate dining space with Chick Fil A and self ordering
Once opened, click and drag your mouse to see the entire site.
View information points, static photos, floorplans and more.
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