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Pharmaceutical Company

Raritan, NJ

When elite|studio e was brought on board to design the foodservice operation for a pharmaceutical company in Raritan, NJ, the building population was approximately 2,100 employees. Based on our square footage analysis, the existing café and kitchen were undersized, but with no additional space available, our team developed some creative solutions to improve customer flow and make room for a catering preparation area. 

In the original foodservice operation, a We Proudly Serve utilized some of the dining room footprint. As part of the renovation, the barista bar was relocated to the atrium providing a new amenity and scattering the menu offering. This move provided our designers with extra space to work with and we brainstormed a variety of ways to address the café flow. 

elite|studio e’s design opened up the dining experience. By removing some of the walls between the dining room and the café, consumers had new sightlines to the culinary operation. In addition, as part of this modification, some of the café stations now face out, toward the dining room and not into the café, providing improved customer circulation. To implement these new stations, elite|studio e specificed Vollrath fabrication. The counters are made of an aluminum composite material featuring a polycarbonate core, it’s impervious to water damage and light weight. An aesthetically pleasing and heat resistant Quartz countertop adds a finished design element to the space.

Other enhancements to the space, include pre-order kiosks 

and pick-up areas, and a dedicated catering staging space was added to the kitchen. Located directly adjacent from the company’s sales institution and conference area, the new catering staging space is convenient for meetings and events. 

For more than 20 years, elite|studio e has partnered with many of the project stakeholders, including the architect, foodservice operator, client, and Vollrath. 

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