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William Greenberg Desserts

Manhattan, NY

William Greenberg Desserts is a high-end bakery located on the third level of the Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards in New York City. The bakery creates all of its products at a separate location, but they wanted another, smaller location to distribute additional products.

Occupying a new, small building space, William Greenberg Desserts needed an efficient design and appropriate equipment to operate successfully. elite|studio e was tasked with creating the design and layout of the store in coordination with the owners and architect, in addition to supplying the equipment.

The bakery receives cookie and pastry deliveries from its flagship store and sells them, along with coffee, at this branch. As a result, the company needed custom millwork that consisted of suitable display cases, including refrigerated cases and specialty ambient cookie and pastry display cases that were built into the counters. We also specified and provided the necessary equipment for a semi-full barista operation in order to offer a full range of coffee options.

The elite team was challenged during the design phase by a building support column that needed to be seamlessly incoporated into the interior design. The designers had to ensure the correct placement and size of equipment so that everything fit properly. The company branding also specified that the color palette could only be red and white, which called for ingenuity in creating a classic look and feel.

The final design and build succesfully represented the brand and made the most use of the small luxury retail space.

Project Solutions Provided

Conceptual Design, Preliminary Renderings, Foodservice Design, Budget Management, Construction Drawings, Construction Management, Foodservice Equipment Provided & Installation

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