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Introducing Pod-Style Food Halls

Semi-Permanent  •  Sustainable  •  Flexible Equipment & Menu  
Customized Finishes & Brands  •  Single-Point Connection  •  Various Budgets


Case Study: Leased Spaces

Durham, NC
Coordinating with the client’s branding and desired station concepts we helped execute the visual goals — creating a unique experience at each kiosk. When the lease ends, the space can return "as is" and the pods, which belong to the client, can be relocated to the new office.


Case Study: Leased Spaces

Washington, D.C.

Following the pandemic, this technology company elected to lease temporary space for its employees to return to the office. elite | studio e was onboarded to provide semi-permanent foodservice kiosks at several locations on the East Coast. The pods
offer flexible menu capabilities and a budget-friendly solution.

Fed Ex Pods.JPG

Case Study: Temp Service

Memphis, TN

This food hall consists of several pods that have been installed on the campus concourse. They will operate while a new café is being planned and built. Upon completion, the client can relocate these pods to any other campus in the country. 

Note: Disassembly, relocation and reassembly requires professional contractors.

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