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Global Professional Services Company

Manhattan, NY

Through collaboration and extensive coordination between elite|studio e, the architect and the client, we completed the foodservice design for this company's offices at One Manhattan West. 

The goal is for each café to provide unique offerings, but have the flexibility to meet future demand for popular/duplicate offerings. It is also important that the customer have a variety of dining experiences to choose from. As a result, at each of the cafés, different finishes, layouts, etc. are being incorporated. In addition, with all cooking being prepared off premise, it is important to ensure proper rethermalizing equipment was specified. 

Our scope of work included:

  • 4 cafés (small concept with a micromarket) spread throughout the various floors of the building 

  • Catering support for Conference Center on the 48th floor and meeting rooms throughout the building

elite|studio e has had the opportunity to collaborate with this global company on several occasions, including providing foodservice consulting solutions for its offices in Chicago, IL, and Hoboken, NJ. Recognized as a Great Place to Work, maintaining a successful employee experience is of critical importance to this company.

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