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Red Rooster Harlem

Manhattan, NY

Located in the heart of Harlem, Red Rooster serves comfort food celebrating the roots of American cuisine and the diverse culinary traditions of the neighborhood. It is named in honor of the legendary Harlem speakeasy that attracted neighborhood folk, jazz greats, authors, politicians and some of the most noteworthy figures of the 20th century. Co-creators Andrew Chapman and Marcus Samuelsson desired a platform to celebrate local artists, musicians and culinary talents.

The elite | studio e team worked hand-in-hand with the foodservice consultant to create a true culinary experience. As a result, when building and supplying the equipment and millwork, the Woodstone pizza oven became a visual focal point from the dining room into the kitchen pass through. The hood was customized to be out of sight to diners, while the plate shelves under the pass through window were specified to add to the comfortable dining environment imagined by Chapman and Samuelsson.

elite | studio e was also involved with several custom pieces for the restaurant’s lower level kitchen and providing equipment necessary to operate the bar.

Red Rooster Harlem has been written up in many publications including Forbes, New York Times and Gotham Magazine.

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