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Manhattan, NY

Located on the 49th floor of a Manhattan skyscraper, SAP’s coffee bar is one of countless city projects our team has designed and built. Our vast experience here and in cities across the country means we have the knowledge  required to work in these complex locations. 

The view on the 49th floor is spectacular, which is why we placed the coffee bar facing the windows. Not only do the sight lines remain unobstructed, but the concept gets the natural light it deserves. These details, along with the proper millwork design and We Proudly Serve branding, make this project a huge success.

elite|studio e also designed and built the back of house area for Executive Dining Room on the 52nd floor. Our team collaborated with the architect and engineer to create a space that is functional and beautiful. The adjacency of the dining room to the observation deck makes this space truly special.

This project, though small in scope, required much collaboration from our team to ensure all these elements are included. It’s the same effort we give to large projects and is simply part of our elite experience.   


Step into this space with a 360º tour. 

Project Solutions Provided

Foodservice Design, Budget Management, Construction Drawings, Construction Management, Foodservice Equipment Provided & Installation, Opening Day Support

Project Gallery

Project Solutions

Barista Bar, Conference Room, Warming Kitchen, Business & Industry

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